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timing belt help

  Charged Superleggera

got a quote to change my timing belt for £240 including parts on my mk2 ph2 1.2. does anyone know if thats a good price or not? also its a private garage and not teh main dealer.
  t3 corolla 116bhp
bit steep in my experience. with the dci i was looking at 60-70 quid for the labour and 55 gor the genuine kit from gsf
  Megane dci 130
Thats average tbh. Any garage should be able to do it as There pretty easy on the 1.2's.
  Charged Superleggera
yeh its a 1.2 16v but its not including the aux belt. how much is the aux belt and should i think about cahnging it along with the water pump.
  Megane dci 130
It only drives the alternator on the D4F, unless it has aircon which is driven by a seperate belt. Its only a weeny belt so shouldnt cost too much.

Water pump they should check when doing the job, its really only nesasary to replace it if its leaking, or worn etc.
  ITB'd MK1
book time is less than 2 hours IIRC. Belt kit retails at under £90 from renault, and the aux belt is about £7. I'd say £200 would be more like it really