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tinted windows

Has anyone got tinted windows? if so what tint have you got and have you told your insurance company, As iam thinjing about getting my windows tinted and woukd like so advice

Adavnce thanks.
  Hippys bus of LOVE !!!

Why do you need to tell the insurance company ? I am thinking of having the back of the landrover done:oops:, not to look funky, more for practical reasons. I cant tell you the colour, but my description to the guy was, NOT a pimps car black. I guess this isnt much help really.

ive got tinted windows, came already on the car. Its 30% all round. Very dark, i like it but the front is done to the same tint, its not just hard to see out of at night but also not strictly to the letter of the law, so i need to change it!!