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to the captain...

Hi, we spoke thru email about the Turbo parts....
I understand you have one more left - i want it !!!!!
Since i dont have your email on the computer i am on now, iam sending this here !
Please keep it for me !
Since i live abroad i will have to send you a check, and i can do this only thru the bank on monday !

My emai is : !!!
I am dead serious about this, this is the apportunity of a life time.

Please keep it for me, i WANT IT !

Thanks !!!
(I just hope iam not too late...)

mail is

drop me a line..

I may have enough parts in the next week or 3 to get a kit together but cant promise.


Iam guessing that on the standard pistons and compressinon i wont be able to use both !
But as soon as ill get my hands on some JE Forged pistons...

Anyway with the NOS, the car took the 80hp shoot with no problems, so i think that i could probably get away with at list an extra 70hp from the turbo setup on the standard pistons.

The limit i fear is not of the pistons, but of the block!
Who knows how much power will the block take before cracking....

Captain - i sent you an email....

Dont try to compare nos power to turbo power Sir (when looking at pistons)

Nos runs a lot cooler.

Pistons will be the weak point, not the block, the block is incredibly strong.

Weak points will be, clutch, head gaskets, pistons.