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Today at the Pod.


Went Santapod today and the weather was superb, must have had a relapse!?!

Only other members there were Slugger and Kis172, first outing for my Cup so be gentle.

We had a few runs each and my results are as follows:

Cup Vs 2L Turbo 205 cabby = 15.03/14.59
Cup Vs Cup (Sluggers) = 16.99/15.20
Cup Vs Astra GSI = 15.47/15.53
Cup Vs CTR = 15.33/15.09
Cup Vs Saxo VTS = 15.47/15.41
I lost all of my races today (although i did get a better time than the GSI) as i found on all but the first one that i was really struggling to get a good start, i was either spinning up or bogging down. still practice makes perfect and my cup still only has 1,000 miles on it. The times will get better and i will get into the 14s, gutted i didnt manage it today though!



It was Rich who was at the RR day with us and was his best time ever, he had just let some air out of his tyres for extra grip and it seemed to work as he hadnt broke 15.7 all day.


No, it was Rich Owens who came to the Midland RR day although Hardcoresax was there as well, his gf was running his as he forgot his license.


Yeah I managed to forget my licence! Doh!!

Helen managed to get 8 runs in, her best being a 14.8 @ 95mph which I was pretty impressed was her first time out! And a little bit close to comfort as my best time at York was 14.7 @ 94mph!

Think she managed to embarass quite a few people, winning 5 of her races :D

Quote: Originally posted by HardcoreSax on 16 March 2003

Its a VTR.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Ill post some pics from the Pod today, later.
I was going to say that Id expect slightly better for a forced induction VTS!;)
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

i was there also and watched the Cup VS CTR, that was a close one.

i thought the cups gave a good showing with one doing a 14.98. Also the CTR that you narrowly lost to did you see him beat his mate in the S3 by 0.01 second.

Yeah, but they are loosened up more and im still getting used to the cup, if i can get a decent start itll be close between my cup and my valver.


he never said it was a great time ...only said it wasnt a bad time ...... im sure the CTR is capable of better (14s) ....... in fact im sure ive seen reports of 14s ...... maybe he was having a bad ...... theres so many factors that can effect the time !!!


What do you reckon to the Saxos last run against me?

He had just let some air out of his front tyres and it seemed to work, he couldnt break 15.7 all day.

  mk2 172

look like a very good time, what mods he got? is it de cat and induction kit. im kinda hoping i can get my standard one to 15.5-4 tho. need to use 4th at the pod summat chronic!, might let me tyres down if that what happens too and optimax for good measure on a nice dry day
  H22A7 Accord Type R

im confused...........u will probably all rip the piss now but.........went to Crail 1/4 mile strip in scotland in my mates VTR, 98bhp model with full magnex exhaust n Pipercross viper induction kit............he ran 17s all day im 95% sure.........i had one run and im sure i got about a 16.9ish????? but looking at the times above, that doesnt seem right???? ok............go on all tell me ive got it wrong lol, but im sure that what the printout said!!!!??? ps my mate was pissed that i had ONE run and got our best time of the day in HIS car lol, Rob :D
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i guess half a second is more than u think on the track then lol! this vtr was no slouch tho!!!! i got a soft spot for saxos lol!!! well, the VT-series ones anyway!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

think it was 16.8 or 16.9...........wi a bit of rubber left at the start line lol!!! shuda seen my mates face as i went past him spectating!!! lol!!!!! i was racing an old spec vtr so i had to make a good show of it!! wouldnt take my 1.2 16v on it............engine would probably break.......again!!! off to reno today for a few days to get oil leak fixed AGAIN.........whats the sump gasket made of..........paper????