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Today @ Knockhill

  Vee 6
Nah....Still waiting on top mounts and the G/box done..........Gagging to get out though. I was riding shotgun in my mates PUG 206 GTI.

Good day with lots of numpty's crashing to keep up the entertainment.
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ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
My mate Eddie runs his Silver 600 brake Evo 7 on every trackday up there!

Would need to meet you up there when the ph1's ready!!!
  Mercury 200 w/cup+Recaros
I've not been to a speed sunday/hot hatch day for years and I only live 20 miles from the track.

However I try and go to the Top Marques days/evenings as its free to watch and there are loads of nice cars(lambos,porsches,astons,mercs, bmws etc) on track. Quite often see a 197 cup on track tyres:cool:
  Vee 6
I was surprised, There was a few motors there on slicks. I thought it was a no-no for track days.

But then i'm a novice. Nice to know though.