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Todays northern meet with AP-22

  mk2 172

What a top day, glad to meet everyone at last, this kinda meet was long overdue. havent really got long as im due at my mas for dinner but on a nice little stretch of country road we did some tests, there were 5 172s and a williams, with 0-100 ranging from 17.3 to 20.something secs after numerous runs. we then went to pub and had a pint. great time. nuff said. cant wait til joe post the graphs.

cheers everyone,


just got back after taking the scenic route back, just editing the pics and sorting the video clips out. I will post them as soon as they are ready.

good to meet a few people off the forum, standing 0-100 was fun but the run over snake pass was fantastic

Superb pic here of the line up.

Craggy !.. u da man !.. that bloody willy is amazing..

I too agree it was brill to meet up, the weather stayed kind (as in BLOODY HOT).. the ap runs were great, will post graphs asap.

And yes, the run over snake pass was a hoot.. wish we had some in car of that one LOL...Mathew n I frightened a mondeo pilot that was trying..

to all. thanks.. lets do it again.. soon

  320d M Sport

Hello All, yeah, blinding day. As Joe says, that Williams took a few of us by surprise, he did 17.3 to 100, I managed a 17.4....(damn it!!!!).
Anyway, good day was had by all, cant wait until we find an airstrip somewhere....


ps-cheers for posting the pics.
  mk2 172

joe, can you e-mail me the details from my runs if possible, and rhys,paddy and matthew e-mail me the best pictures you took to

thanks again


next we will have to get em on the site..
  320d M Sport

I think Joe is gonna email everyone their respective (good and bad) runs. (mine is

Did Slarty get the fastest 0-60 of the day?