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todays racing vids

So there we have it!

The Willy is the fastest of them all! Pulls ahead of the 172 in 3rd gear!

In turn, the 172 pulls well ahead of the VTS in 2nd. Meanwhile, the VTS had the legs on the Clio 16v - though by the looks of things, Adi fluffed the change from 1st to 2nd (any vids of a clean race between the Valver and the VTS?).

Wicked! Wish Id been there!
  mk2 172

ben, paddy f**ked up that gearchange, theres a vid of him beating jon, those cars are identical performance, both very fukin rapid. ps, its fourth gear. and that wasnt fluffed then its called POWER. there was a clean race and i won it fair and square. sick of going over this with peeps making excuses, dont take owt from adi, its the fastest valver iv raced in the vts. maybe it would be a tad closer with smaller wheels, but hes got small tyres too and theres not much to those wheels. also its modded and beats other valvers in the state it is now, also taken some great scalps in his car, so its a very fast one as is and we know im racing a goody. we could go on about this all day but im sure i could take out ANY standard valver in my totally standard 1000 mile old VTS.

craggy, yet to be beaten by a valver:)


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Similar sort of thing that we did a few months ago with all 3 versions of the 172 and a mk1 V6, but we used an AP22 and not a camera.

We did solo runs though, not drag style races, but I be that would have been more fun! :D
  mk2 172

yes, but it has 152@ the wheels, none of the others weve raced have come close on the 1/4 mile like that. its a rocket!

Well teady did consistent 15.0 @ 96 mph last time he was at Crail and fluffed a 4th gear just b4 the line and still did 15.0 so I know his 172 is capable of a 14.9.

Yes but that wount be the only one with c.150 @ the wheels! Hes not the only one that ragged it from day one!;) I KNOW I have a damn fast car capable of doing sub 15 1/4 mile runs!
  mk2 172

ok then mate if you sure, iv not seen yours go so il take your word for it!

mat, im e-mailnig the other jon n paddy one cos i cant get on msn!
  mk2 172

lol, its cos they were falling back filming, you werent there mate i was, and errrrrr that werent happening!

on the other one craggy yea! he did get a good start, then screwed the gear change!

u shouldve swapped cars aswell, u drive his, he drives yours. then ud see a true difference! u could easily be a far better drag driver!
  clio 20v

oi theres nuthin up with my drivin lol right i think out of three runs 2 i missed gears 1 no missed changes but craggy got a better start off the line but not by much


Hmmm...looks like a victory for the better start rolling out the big guns! Mines happy to be put againt this upstart Saxo! And when is Nicks 16v going to be ready!!:devilish:

mailto:m@thew">m@thew u make me laugh mate guess a few willys should go along so all the 172 lot can see that the real performance clio is the williams. origional and the best

craggy well done mate car looks rapid and i always knew they were but hey think its time to accept the valver is not up the vts/106 gti up to 80 acceleration wise

i still think its unfare. no excuses ok but i know from experience 17 slowd my valver right down. now im back on 15 its acc like a b**ch, plus almost everyone knows now that ind kits dont work on a valver/ willy. ur jusy making lots and lots of noise about going slow.

meet up with a a bog std vavler and i mean totally bog std with a mental driver like urself and think it will be a lot closer but on the day vts one but all the ones ive raced ive beat.. i do know how to tell them apart before anyone says anything

craggy anytime ur down here ill race u

  clio 20v

for the last time im havin g/box problems theres a thread in exterior last wk i started cos i was havin problems selecting gears when it gets hot

  320d M Sport

id say it was a draw with me and jon (williams-its fast as feck!!). The VTS was next quickest id say....
  williams and trophy

hehe id say if i got rid of the pram n babyseats n all the kids toys it would be a bit difrent.

especially if i could actually get some grip in 1st lol ;)

but yeah paddy like i said before urs is def the fastest one iv come across so i reckon it would still be very close after id done all the above lol

but i must admit i seem to have a knack of pulling a good time out of nowhere on the strip sumtimes lol ask nick, craggy, ben red16 lol

il see u at york mate its lookin like its gunna be a good season with a few grudge matches n reruns already being lined up haha

BRING ON THE CUP if u cup owners aint too scared of a 9 year old standard clio that is lol