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  GDI Demo 182, Rsi Spider

hi guys and girls...

looking for either tomtom 500-700 or navman!

any thoughts and where to get them from??



  911 GTS Cab

tomtom without a doubt, not sure of the best place to get them at the mo though
  GDI Demo 182, Rsi Spider

thanks chaps.... dave... i know your seriously into your techy stuff... so have to go with the recomendation their..

righto... the search is on....

question is...

300, 500 or 700!!!!



  RS 182 - Black Gold

Andy. The GO 500 is the best all round option.

You get all the advantages of the tomtom software, new maps etc....

the 500 after using one is excellent and good value for money IMO

If you need any other info feel free to give me a call. Or drop me a PM


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Brun.... they are good lil units.

Had a play with one at a trade show.

If you can get them cheap enough then yes.

Obviously if you are used to using and seeing a tomtom interface you will be lost LOL.

They are good reputable company with uptodate maps!! so i see nothign wrong with them. Some of there units look really good too.
  artic blue 182

i was in the same boat couple of months back and couldnt decide between tt 300 or the navman 510, both are good but in the end i went for the navman after seeing the size of the tomtom and with the dash mount makes it a monster IMO,navman fits nicely into my pocket well pleased with it

Pretty sure the one for sale on the link above (the classic) wont let you search by postcode which is a must ..could be wrong on that though

If you know what you are doing and with the right set of files you can get full postcode searching on the TT Classic with ease. Will need a bigger SD card though.
  Clio II and Grand Modus

Garmin street pilot 2610/2620!! Had one and was miles better than tom tom and navman........Sold it to buy my Alpine dvd sat nav. But defo go for one imo