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Top mount clarity required

  clio 182 trophy
Hi guys, I'm looking for some clarity on top mounts as I have bought new ones for my trophy. I have bought some cup shocks to fit while my Sachs are being serviced. My Sachs shock I think have the upgraded spacer nut as it is 27mm hex. The cup shocks have come with solid top mounts which I would rather not use as I already find the ride harsh. I have been unable to remove the lower nut from the sachs shocks. Even with spring compressors on I have broken two allen keys trying to free the nut. The spacer nuts that were on the cup shocks have a very small diameter so there is a huge clearance on rubber top mounts so these cannot be used. I have new sets of standard and febi top mounts. So the question I'd like to clear up is with the febi top mounts, is the lower spacer nut no longer required? And if so do the shocks need to be fitted with the springs compressed? The shock is seemingly too long to mount with the spring extended. Apologies for the essay. 😛