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Top of the range Clifford worth it


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  Seat Leon Cupra

Ive spent a good few 000 quid on my car with a GTT engine conversion, bodykit and respray and Im a little concerned my current Cat 1 doesnt provide enough protection/deterrant from theives. Is it worth spending nearly £700 on a Clifford 950 together with a pager system and Cliffnet wizard? Is there anything else out there that can provide a similar spec to the Clifford for less dough?

I got a concept 300 done on my polo with full closure for £300.

I had about £1200 worth of audio equipment in there a while back (none now), and never had any concerns with leaving it.

the full closure really set my mind at rest when thinking, did I shut the window/sunroof!!
  Not a Clio

ive got the clifford concept 500, cracking thing. It catches me out all the time, if a door is opened and closed with the enginer running then you have to reenter the code else it turns the engine off. So as soon as it warns you, you have to enter it quick. Always gets me when i stop at the postbox or drop someone off and drive away.


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you can add bits on, on mine ive got the exterior proximity sensor, you can set that to different ranges and it detects when someone gets near the car, brilliant piece of kit.
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wots wrong with clifford? ive just arranged to get the concept 650 fitted next week with total closer and remote start! :confused:

Id go for a Toad or a Clifford.

But whatever one you get, get the opposite window stickers. So if you buy a Toad, stick Clifford security stickers in your windows.

That will confuse the f**kers.
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i had a clifford on my old 16v. was brilliant, had loads of extra features, remote engine start etc!

never had a single prob with it!

Ive got the concept 550 with G5 accessories on my motor. intellistart, black jax anti hijhack...etc. Good alarm imo.. ive just bought the cliffnet leads and ive hooked it up to my laptop and set it all up the way i want it to work. Sirens, autolock, proximity ranges. Very usable


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  Seat Leon Cupra

I know you need to get a good fitter too, the 950 plus pager seems to be the best all round protection you can get without adding a tracker. Anyone used Car Alars UK Ltd ? Theyre doing the 950 with pager for £580
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Quote: Originally posted by Loony on 17 February 2005

clifford :sick:
Ive got a concept 300 and i totally agree with Loony, get a Toad mate the Clifford will just cause you problems!!!

A guy i know has his own Alarm business and on his Carrera he has a Clifford, he was tellin me the other week that without fail he has to do some kind of mod/adjustment to the thing at least once a month!!!

I think the aboves a slight exageration but still itl give you an idea!!!

clifford = sold on gimmicks not quality. in the same way young lads think the best home and car audio is the stuff with the most flashing lights its the same thing with clifford. yes installers can be an issue BUT i know a few places that deal with car audio and security that cant stand the things and would sooner fit toad or cobra. when i worked for BMW if we had a car in with an alarm fault 9 times out of 10 it would have a clifford fitted.