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Top speeds

Alright then boys, and girls. From personal experience what is the top speed you have had out of your cars (any type of clio)????

aaron, i do find it hard to believe u got that second picture from your standard valver. ive had mine flat out and with revs to go (at 7000) it literally couldnt push no further!

how did u achieve that? is your speedo really out?

the bottom one of them pics is photo shoped ;) aint it?

had 125 out of my old 16v on a J plate decated with stainless system and a k&N fitted! (really didnt want to go any faster on the m6!!

never really had chance to kill the cup yet! took it to 120 with relitive ease on the A38!

Im pretty sure its been photoshopped, just by the fact that too many things are identical in each photo.

exact same part of dash taken photo
mileage reading the same
water temp still the same (surely going to 7500RPM, things would get a little warmer)
light blurring at the top of both photos identical

and....the speedo is reading about 152mph and under 7500rpm, which I dont think is right either. Not sure though.

141 ish up hill (slightly)..before the chip n stuff. I say ish as I dont look at the speedo for long at that speed !!.





from my 1.2 yesterday

it took about 4 miles to get there- confirmed by gps

speedo said 121mph

(testing my new gearbox)

indicated 115mph out of my 1.2 16v on the M6 on Saturday morning (id say thats nearer to 105 than 115)

Well i can tell you my Dads M3 isnt limited at 155mph

My clio pulls a 100mph well but then all of a sudden really struggles at 110mph which is when i back off as going round even the slightest of bends gets a bit unnerving!


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  E90 LCI 330d

Ive had 130mph in 5th (in the 306), then I had another gear to go!!! :D

Squeezed 115mph out of the RT last night though! ;)

Quote: Originally posted by tomclio1.2 on 24 February 2003

let me guess 167-168mph?

had 202 out of the "beast"
It was showing more than that but i found it a bit difficult to believe as my dads old DB7 had over 100bhp more plus better aerodynamics and is said to do 175mph.

Has your dad done anything else other than engine mods to the S8? Whats the stability like?

and hows that box doing?


  Audi TT Stronic

144mph Actual (tested with GPS) max of 1mph difference for any inaccuracy in the GPS would give a 143-145mph actual speed, I am sorry but at that speed I didnt feel like looking out my digital camera.