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Tourque steer

Ive just brought a phase 1 1.8 16v clio and it seems to pull to the right a little if im on a straight and i let go of the wheel . Im used to driving a fairly new megane coupe 1.6e which has no tourque let alone tourque steer so i might just be being paranoid . So could someone let me know if this is to be expected . Im a little concerned because the sterring wheel wasnt pointing dead straight when i broght the car.The clio doesnt seem to be "crabbing" so i dont think the rear axel is bent or anything . thanks

Ive got a phase 1 16v and it doesnt have any major pull either way, unless youre in a corner or on a cambered bit of road, but i guess any fwd car would do that.
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Yeh definately sounds like tracking.

Check the front tyres for uneven wear, a definate sign of mis-alligned wheels.

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Big Hp also he could check all the alloys for signs of kerbing as that might set the tracking out and if the back ones have signs of kerbing what says that they havent been swapped with the front ones ?

Just a thought ......

Saying that though I suppose you could compact a ton of feathers into the same area of the ton of bricks, so depend wether they are compressed are not..