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Trackday Warrior!

Friend and I are looking into getting a cheap yet quick car which we can do up for Track and quarter mile days and as a bit of a hobby. not bothered on what it is, just as long as its quick! Was looking at an old cossie but they are still quite pricey. A R5GTT Raider looks the best bet at the mo. what do you think?


pug 205 gti? whack an m16 lump in it?

an old cossie will be forever going wrong i imagine based on my mates cossies lol

I was looking at GT turbos too, but they do seem a tad pricey for a good one. If you buy a shagged one you will have no end of trouble, with new turbos(pricey) and overheating problems, which I believe are a common problem on 5GTTs. We plumped for an XR2 which is easy to fix and cheap as chips to get parts for...not as rapid as a 5 but still very chuckable.....I do have a guide to building the ultimate 5 track day monster...they recon you can do it for about 3 grand all in, this was for a race-spec engine....will put these articles up on my website when i get the chance....the mags gone bust now so dont think theyll mind.......