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Traction Control/Launch Control

Anyone know if and where I can get a launch control system fitted - I remember someone on this forum had one fitted with coilovers - (MArk maybe??) Any thoughts on how to combat serious lack of grip and traction (even in the dry) for a smoother ride?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Wyatt Gates has Launch Control on his car as to does TimO172.

I think Wyatts is racelogic or something.

the best way to combat the lack of grip (which I do not suffer from btw :)) is to control the right foot more m8 !

If you are suffering such, then you need to adapt your driving style as it is NOT a feature of the car.



Well said Captain.

You could always invest in an LSD. Sort the mechanicals then you can focus on the electronics to control it all...