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Traders List so Far (and growing) French Car Show 2008

Adrian Flux Insurance
K Tec
RS Tuning
House of Kolor
Bad Ass Perfomance
Wizard Racing Looms
Streamline Carbon
Performance French Cars Magazine
Performance Tuner Magazine
Fast Car Magazine
Shires Performance Tuning
Steve Watson Audio Zone
Corby Motorsport Ltd
Rally Retail Ltd
Demon Tweeks
Rob McDougal Photography
Spax Performance Ltd
MJ Imports
Lics Leather
One Off Sound
Prima Racing
Gas Performance

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Latest News
Unfortunately not. I have contacted a few who say they don't do weekends.

Still working on it.

Dentbusters who have been with us for years double booked us so are doing the two day show.


ClioSport Club Member
  Former R27 & Mk1 V6 owner
Wonder if K-tec will be selling ITG Panel filters for the 197 so I buy one there and avoid the £8 postage on their website :p

  Mk1 Maxim Sport
Does anyone know if these traders do discounts on the day or are most of their items the same price as online an magazines etc?
the tade list is to be updated but will do that later when I have more time.

Yes most will cut you a deal on the day.

i.e. yozza are doing some fantastic deals on brakes etc if you have specific requirements email them and ensure they bring what you want as there are zillions of different options even for a K&N panel filter.