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My brother is thinking of buying a 172 from tradesales in slough. Has anyone bought any cars from them in the past and has any views on whether there service was good/bad/indifferent?

Also, his local renault garage have quoted him £700 to fit the standard alarm. This sounds a bit steep to me. I seem to remember reading quotes from people on here at around £300. Any idea where to get it done?

Thanks for any info.

Im up in York, my brother is down in Dunstable near Luton. He test drove one the other week and has suddenly become rather keen.

I bought mine from Trade Sales about 3 weeks ago.

I would give them 9/10. The whole buying process went smoothly and the car was ready when they said it would be (6 days later).

The only niggle was a small chip on the rear bumper. Because I had travelled 140 miles I was reluctant to go home and waste another day travelling once it had been fixed, so I agreed to get my local ChipsAway people to fix it and let Trade Sales pick up the bill. I have only just sent them the invoice so I cant tell you whether they pay up promptly or not.

The car came complete with a Dutch manual (luckily I have pigeon German, which is not too dissimilar). I got 2 keys, which apparently is not always the case. There were also a set of mats in the boot - bonus.

The car came with a Cat2 immobiliser as standard. I wanted to pick the car up with a full alarm, so I bought an upgrade from a company who I think are affiliated with Trade Sales (they work out of the same building anyway). This cost me £316, including a 3 year extended warranty (an extra £15, but seemed reasonable value compared to the extended warranty you get on your telly). When I picked the car up the alarm was fitted (neatly) and it works off the same keyfob. The only evidence I can see of the installation is a tiny bit of swarf under the bonnet sensor, but that is nit-picking.

BTW if you ask them whether the car is UK spec they will always answer no. I think this is an arse-covering legal distinction. All I did was print out the full spec from the Renault UK website and compared it with the car. It had all the things on the list.

It is worth checking whether it has a CD autochanger under the passenger seat - apparently some dont.

When you pick the car up make sure that you have the radio code. In fact, if the radio is bleeping intermittently get the guy to set the code for you (its a bit fiddly and involves a lot of waiting around with the radio on - confusing if you have a Dutch manual!).

Im waiting for my reg. document so I can send the info off to Renault UK to register it for warranty purposes (they all come with 2 years I think). I believe that Ren UK might even give it a 3 year/60,000 warranty once you have done this.

All in all a painless experience. You dont get the warm fuzzy feeling you do from a dealer, but you come away with £3k+ in your pocket. If you know what you want its not a problem.

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Sorry to Off topic but I am in York on the weekend of the 24th and meeting with Outka5t and a few others. Tag along if you want !

Cheers. Will do if Im free. My parents are coming up sometime around then and we are supposed to be meeting them, but if its a different day then that would be good. Where abouts in York are you going?

Thats the one. Im debating taking my car there to get a rattle in the dashboard fixed, or just putting up with it in case they break something else.
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I went in there for a something and was standing around for 15 minutes before someone came over. Crap customer service not to sure about mechanical abilities though.

Not to bothered about selling cars to you either. They had a Mk1 172 sitting on their forecourt which I was interested in a while back now. I asked them for a test drive and they said no. So I took my money else where and got a New Mk2 for the same price.

Didnt have a problem with customer service.

As far as I know all the salespeople are on commission-only, so they must have had a good week when you went
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I bought my C172 from them in May. Car wasnt in stock, (red, the colour I wanted). I was promised 40 days, but the car took 68. You pays your money...

They didnt have my radio code; I got this for free from a Reno dealer in Woking. I got two keys, the cd-changer unit, all the floor mats plus boot net, plus all the documentation in a nice wallet and in english (well, its pan european documentation, so it is in english, french, german etc etc).

Their PDI is useless (i had to fix my tail light connections when i got home as they werent working properly) and my tyre pressures were all over the place. The front bumper was mis-aligned too, but I fixed that myself, also.

The hand over was appalling - bloke treating me like Sh1t, not like Im someone with a cheque for £11k. car will have ZERO petrol in it when you collect, too.

Verdict: a cheap way to buy a uk spec car (minus alarm), but post sales might be patchy.

Let us know how he gets on. Mail me if you/he has more questions and im happy to help.

  VW Potato

by the way, Im as thick as mince technology-wise, but i didnt have any probs setting the radio code.



Cheers Scudetto. Seems a bit hit and miss. Some people have no problems, some people do. Just pot luck really by the look of things. Still, if you save £3K off uk list price, its still probably worth a bit of hassle.
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If you want an English handbook mine cost £5 including delivery from local dealer, took two days to arrive. I understand a little German but for £5 it will be easier to sell on in the future.
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We bought my girlfriends car from Tradesales. Fine if you have the cash, and want a new car pretty cheap, but dont expect any frills to the service. The salesmen are idiots, they know virtually nothing and so u must know exactly what you want. Theyre not intertested in haggling unless youre doing finance, which I wouldnt recommend with them. Go in, buy the car with cash and have nothing more to do with them.

Our sale was fairly smooth, but I wouldnt want to get tied up with them for finance or any crap like that.


Quite agree - do your research, and dont expect the salespeople to know anything about the car (bit like most of the dealers I have spoken to ).
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Bought mine from motorpoint, the sexist pig there kept having a go at my girlfriend about how bad women are at driving, she verbally crippled him. Then he explains that his car eats Evos (he owns a Pulsar). Goes on to tell me he rolled his last car, and that 172s are popular for old ladies, and according to a recent documentary they are the cars most criminals steal. Is it me or was his sales technique leaving a lot to be desired?

Not sure whether you will get good customer service anywhere these days. But from experience, motorpoint and probably Trade Sales stack them high and sell them cheap.

But the cars are the same no matter where you get them from (just about).
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the renault guy who quoted £700 is in need of the sack!
its £300 to have the cat 1 alarm renault fitted which runs off the original keyfob.

Dear All, (this is PaulGs big bro by the way)

Thanks for all your comments, most interesting as I am now (almost) in a position to part with my hard earned cash.

Bradfordlad, where did you get your alarm quote from? £300 is a damn sight better than £700!

All, have you had any problems with the warranty? when I took my test drive the renault dealer seemed decidely dubious about the 2 year pan european warranty. Anyone had to claim against it yet?

Finally, has anyone got any comments on traction control? I keep hearing rumours that its becoming standard fit, but once again the renault dealer couldnt answer the question. More to the point, do you really need it?


Warranty - see the topic Dealer Stamp - Heeeeeelp! (or something like that) - shouldnt be a problem. You should end up with exactly the same warranty as a non-import car, minus the breakdown cover.

I took my import to the local dealer today for a couple of minor problems. They were not in the slightest bit worried about it. They reckoned that, if I got any problems from anyone it would be Renault UK but they have been spot-on so far.
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I got the £300 cat 1 renault alarm upgrade quote from my local renault dealor who fitted my renault cat 1 alarm to my clio. Thats the price I paid I presume you can get this at any renault dealor. Mine was from sunwin renault bradford