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trax prep

  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
well it begins tonight...

finishing putting my sub box together and wiring it all in for the comp at trax. o this is going to be amusing to say the least lol,

then tomorow good old clean, got a few bits to do for the show, then checking levels for the drive,

setting off silly early on sunday morning
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
5 :O ok not that silly lol,
think we are going bout 6.30 we set off at 7 from the hotel last year and it wasnt that bad
  RS Meg 175
lol i'd begin to prep mine but seems to me its a bit of a lost cause lol
ill give it a wash, polish and a wax tomorow (in the rain:mad:lol) and check levels methinks :)
mines guna be the least impressive there lmao
  106 GTi
Another coat of wax on mine later and a anti static Quick Detail and the outside is done.

Just the interior plastics and leather to do for an hour tommorrow and she's all ready.
  RS Meg 175
Didnt know you were going Rich?
ill have to see how "clean" this car is they rave about ;)
Have to have a chat :)
Mine's just gettin a quick wash. It'll be filthy again by the time I get down there. Plus with all the scratches on the damn bonnet it's not worth cleaning well :mad: :mad: :dapprove: :(
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
mine will be filthy by the time we get there, bottle of water, bucket and sponge easly sorted once on the stand :)
  RS Meg 175
might do that as well taylor ^^ good idea :D
guna take some qwik detailer as well :) and maybe some tyre gel :p lol

Guna get plastered though if the roads are wet :( and if were on grass :S
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
most of its on concrete, i do that at everyshow, at modded nats i did a ful wash and polish lol
  RS Meg 175
haha ^^ good work ;p
soo do we think were guna get some verbal at Trax?
LOL Chav's + Performance & Subtly Mod'd Clio's =
  106 GTi
Unsure what my car will look like after the early morning cross country Cotswold blast, could come the cleaner boring route but doubt I will bother.

2 buckets and some Quick and Easy wash and Quick Detailer may be neededon arrival I think.
  RS Meg 175
mines going to take a good battering tommorow, stupid b*astard tree keeps sapping on me car :( its all over my dads M5 as well lol Bloody stuff dosent come off with out a fight the autoglym stuff isnt that impressive either, but comes off after i work it in.
My dad un-educated in detailing decided to use some Graffiti removal spray to get his off :S luckily i managed to get it all off before the idiot cained his paint lol
  Chocolate Bar™
^ he speaks the truth ;)

clays wonderful stuff, if you havent tried it give it a blast, makes the paint feel like glass, although quite time consuming.

mines gettin a clay, poorboys hand polish, an amigo, and a P21 prob when i get there


  LY 200
Have you got the ticket yet Taylor ?? posted it yesterday .. :)

No cheque in this am's post though :(
  No more clio's for me!
Don't think i'm gonna get the chance to spend much time on mine :( due to the weather, hope its clear enough later and i should be able to wash it at least! :( :(
Err do we have to have clean cars I was thinkign best I'd manage is to turn up on time my cars not been washed for some time.
  RS Meg 175
edde said:
Err do we have to have clean cars I was thinkign best I'd manage is to turn up on time my cars not been washed for some time.

^^ lol....its compolsory ;) naa were just detailing freaks :p

Mark i clayed my car at the start of the year, came out really nice :approve:
<Might do it tomorow weather depending :)

You doing all of that when your there!!!!??

*shush**Anyone got a mk2Nearside Rear light?**Wrongsection ;)**

  Chocolate Bar™
nah. trying to get it all done tonight. then hopefully i can just shammy it down when i get there to remove all the traveling shite off it.
  RS Meg 175
was gunna say :O ;)
Yeah thats what im going to do cold shammy as ill have no warm :( then microfibre dry, then quickdetail methinks :)
Well I gotta give mine a good clean now. Just been told I'm going on a stand, even though it's not stand worthy at the mo and I'll be on with smart cars lol :(
  Striped track ****
will be there but not in my car :( as still havent passed

really wanted to go to it as well allways next year

will come and say hello introduce myself though
wheels were done tonite - washed, clayed, ag super resin, ag extra gloss x2, and waxed.

just the car to do tomorow . then a quick detail on the day, weather depending of course.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
well yesterday was bad from the start.. wheels off cleanened archs and behind arch liners! (in the rain) cleaner wheels inside and out!

cleaned up break calapers and gave then first coat of paint (in my 10 min dry spell for it to rain again!

started polishing inlet still raining and the heatsheld.........


somehours later.. "Rain Stops" and one half shiny enging bay! (fingers were to sore to continue but will do the job for tommorrow!

2nd coat of paint on the breaks

wash down engin bay!
fit wheels
quick wash and clay with old clay bar!

I was really impresed with my self but its going to get coverd in s**t on the way up there i am taking some cleaning bits but i may have to nick some ones bucket and sponge dint think i would have to but looks like i might need to clean it again!

then apprently according to the weather its going to be a one and off day! so thats some luck !!! :star: right i have been up since 4am now im feeling kinda awake im gonna go have a bath.... see u all there in a few hours!