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trax, worth going?

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
Was an alright show, I'm going on cliosport stand next year though, go on a stand of my mates but we always end up some where naff even though the range of cars is probably one of the best there, you men had one of the best spots bang in the centre
think i see yours? was it on a grassy verge with spare red wheel in rear? if it was then i want your seats :)
  200 FF Storm Grey
Yeh mate, glad somebody saw it lol, didn't bother washing it or cleaning the clutter from the inside because of where it was
  C3 Picasso Beast
Don't worry I saw it too!

As Jekyll said up on the grass verge where the Meg R26 and Ph1 flamer were...
  big boost cup
Was a great day! I went on track and the track was pretty damp! Car got a bit back end happy at times but i still loved it :D - Showed that MT185 Fiesta ST whos boss :p. Got a wicked snap shot of my car going round too :) Im definitely going back next year! Only thing that was downer on the day was the weather! But thats england for ya! (Been a terrible summer :( - )
Was very wet out on track even worse with r888s lol understeer into oversteer = lots of spinning infront of the grandstand. Dis you see any of the silverstone gtrs or lotuses sp on track they were mental quick. All in all I enjoyed the day out