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Trip Computer

  TTRS & V50
Recently everytime i turned the ignition and turn the engine on the trip computer has been resetting itself ?!

There comes a clicking noise when turning it on, and everytime this happens (3secs or so) the trip computer resets it self, its kind of annoying because i use it a lot.

Anyone else come across this before ?
  TTRS & V50
New battery then ?

Is the clicking becase of the low battery ? or is this not connected ? or anything to worry about ?
  Clio 172 & RS2000
hello chaps

how accurate is this?

my missus 172 keeps resetting the trip meter - has been for the last 6 months or so and gradually getting more and more frequent which is annoying to say the least

it had struggled to start twice in the last 2 months, but both times the car has been sat with the radio on between journeys so just figured that ran it out. Altho it should last longer than say half house with the radio on i suppose.

starts fine at the moment and the clock in the middle of the dashboard has not reset at any point - i take it the low battery just affects the trip meter etc?