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Trust washers (f4r)

So, last week drove over a rock in the road, and unfortunately it made a crack on the sump. Today I’ve managed to take the sump out, and found 2 trust washers on the bottom, one intact and another one bended.

My main question is, how f$cked I am?

Can they by put in place without disassemble the hole engine?
One of them looks pretty ok, the other one is a little bend.

No symptoms of anything, engine working and pulling OK.
I just found them when I took of the sump.


ClioSport Club Member
Surely without the thrust washers you'll have epic crank walk? Have you checked end-float?

If it's chewed itself up there's no point putting new ones in, it's done.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 ph2
Take a look near the crank if you can see them. Maybe someone forget about them:))
Today I took the plastic cover with the oil pump atached. Unfortunately, they were not forgotten.

I can see the spaces were they should be.
On the oil pump side I can see a circular scuff on the block, caused by the crankshaft rubbing against the surface.

R3k1355 was right, it’s done.