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tryes sizes.. 195 to 205 need to know for weekend!!

  (iceburg sliver) clio 172
just about to buy myself a new set of front rubbers.. could i run 205 on the front and 195 on the back?? is it advisable or not or what about the other way round?? whats the advantage???
  Golf GTD
Run wider on the front mate, more grip, and the non driven rear wheels will have less rolling resistance.

Im guessing its as you're getting only two tyres, you need to know which end to put them on.
  Clio 172mk2
erm u`ll get some mixed opinions about this .

and personally id sayd more on the rear , so if u throw it into a corner the back end doesnt slip out.

but when i was changing i went for all 4 , as its better , and prolly safer