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Trying something new

  Range Rover sport
Not seen it done on the forum yet where someone has colour coded the base plates of the mirror and around the mirror cap.

See alot of people taking the caps off and painting them the same colours as the wheels , diamonds etc and i thought i'd be abit different (hope it looks good)

While i was in work yesterday working on a few random jobs that had been set for the day i noticed one car had colour coded base plates tbh looked rather nice , so i thought what the heck i ll give it a go on my own car :D

So today got the mirrors off the car ...



Once they where off i stotched them and gave them a light coat of plastic primer before hi-build.


While the mirrors where on bake i thought id sand down the mirror caps and get them looking good .
Sanded them down and put a little bit of stopper in the scratches


I was running low on time so me being me i bodged the mirror caps with abit of aerosol primer.


Everything is sanded down and ready for paint and lacquer tomorrow :D

Will get finished pictures tomorrow hopefully will look spot on.
  Golf R/Leon FR
im sure stoddies/benp's old ph1 has fully cc'd mirrors.

will be interesting to see how it turns out
Not too sure what the outcome will look like, I think the plastic looks good around the mirrors.

And a bit of effort to go to if your selling?
  BG 182 FF
I did this on my old clio looks ace m8 the part I was most chuffed about colour coding imo, any excuse for pics haha.


*epic fail you have just uploaded your looks ace dude*
  Range Rover sport
looks spot on mate, was really chuffed with mine as soon as i put them on, really dont like that textured grain effect.
  Range Rover sport
This looks really good. Nice work fella.

cheers mate

Nice, ur so lucky that you can paint anything you like !

Depends on how you think about it mate, its my my job and i can paint whatever i like off my car etc but its having the time to do them, i wanted my side strips doing for months on end but i was just too busy with other peoples work to get anything of my own done. Paying customer always comes first :D
  iceberg 172
i was going to do my mirror bases grey to go with my grilles,scuttle,and rest of the plastics ive painted. nice job