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Turbine Weight

Anyone know the weight of these with a tyre on? Trying to compare it tothe standard 16" RS alloy which is 8.2KG without a tyre or I was told.
Williams wheel is 7.1kg without tyre, and turbines are heavier than those. Im guessing it wont be far off the same weight as the 16" RS wheel @ 8.2kg without a tyre to be honest!
  Bumder With A Buffer
A standard RS wheel is about 17Kg or so.

Edit found my post when I weighed them a little while ago :)

17.7kg with a a wheel on.

Team Dynamics Monza R's in 15" weighed...15.5kg
  Megane RS 250
Without the tyre? Ultraleggeras wheight 6,5 kg, alleggeritas even less, 6,2. Turinis around 8 I think.