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Twingo GT funky cold start problem

  Twingo GT
My old Twingo GT has developed an intermittent cold start problem. Sometimes its fine (and when its hot it is always fine). But sometimes its takes a few goes and its rough / spluttery until it gets going. Once it catches itself and idles, its fine. And its fine for the rest of the day too.

I was thinking it might be the crankshaft position sensor (I think I'll give it a clean in the morning and see how it goes). In my head that makes sense, its like the engine can't see what is happening for those first few seconds.

It will be getting a full service again in about 2 weeks times. There is about 11,000 miles on the spark plugs, filters etc. 5,000 miles on the oil and oil filter.

But just to see if anyone has any ideas? I know a good few people on here have loads of knowledge on these engines.

I made a video to show what it is like. I've recorded all my cold starts this week. (My first youtube upload too).

I was / am planning to bring it into a garage, but because it doesn't to it all the time, sods law it will be fine when I try to show someone.

  Twingo GT
Also, the coil and leads are new (I had a spare set, as you do). I've cleaned the throttle body, and I replaced the gasket and O-ring with a new set.

The battery is about a year and half old. All sensors are original, but no warning lights on the dash or any error codes on the odb2 scanner. The coolant temperature and air temperature sensors readings seem to be fine, and the two lambda sensors seems to be doing their job too. I'm nearly at 101K miles.