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Tyres wearing away...

  1.6 focus zetec....
....On the inside of the wheel!! Why's it do this?? Could it be because of wheel spinning around corners etc???



***Disclaimer: KIza1986 does not agree to wheel spinning around corners and does not want anyone to try this at home****
  Mégane RS
could be taking corners too hard more shoulder wear, tracking? camber settings? toe settings?
  MK1 Clio Versailles
Usually down to tracking. If you've been taking the road humps pretty wild it can move it out of line. I had some bad inside rubbing when I had the Fiesta, infact the tyre was nearly bare.
  1.6 focus zetec....
Mine is bare lol....trying to find some cheap tyres now as im in the process of getting some aftermarket alloys but dont want to get done by the feds in the meantime

  mk1 Hybrid - 13.7@100 mph
on the inside might be camber mine wear on the insides on both front wheels ue to the camber.
  Monaco Blue 172
not usually, its so subtle its barely noticeable to the eye. they use laser guides to check it. trouble is usually as soon as u get it re-aligned the next pothole u meet knocks it off again! i tend to live with it, altho i might get it checked out when i put these new tyres on.

anybody get their tracking done regularly? how often? i feel the cost of doing it pretty much outweighs the premature wear on the tyres, altho that depends how bad it is and how expensive ur tyres are!
  Monaco Blue Mk2
EvilJohn said:
Most likely tuou have too much toe out and teh wheels are sitting kinda like this \ /

Surely the other way round John if it's the inside of the tyre wearing? /--\

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Nope cos then its teh outside if its toe in. Think about it, instead of running straight the inside edge is running forward slightly so it effectively rips part of the rubber off all the time.

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
Right this will sound daft but putthe side of your hands on the desk and move them forward, then put them like \ / and then / \ and you can feel how the contact area changes