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My tyre is quite bald on the outside on the passengers side.. now, I think the tracking is out but Ill get it checked on Monday..

Just wondered, this 1.6mm limit - where is that taken from? Cus the tread in the middle is fine!


is it the front, if so then methinks youve been having too much fun on roundabouts as this is the tyre which has the weight of the car leaning against it on right hand bends and roundabouts the 1.6 limit is measured across the middle 3/4 of the tyre but if you have no visible tread on the edges youll probably be on dodgy ground if the rozzers pull you over

do you rag round roundabouts ? if you do then that doesnt look that surprising to be honest but if you drive like an old woman round them then it might be worth gettin the tracking checked out, but if its only the passenger side then im fairly confident its a case of enthusiatic driver rather than dodgy tracking


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The legal minimum depth of your tyres is 1.6mm over three quarters of the breadth of the tyre around the whole circumference.

Hope this helps.

172loony, ok, so based on that pic... and that I get the tracking checked just in case, you think it would be ok? The big question is: Are yours like that? :)

Thanks GR. I think Im fine then as it is... Its just the shoulder which is wearnig as far as I can tell!


Yup should be fine, if you wana check the tracking for your own peace of mind then it wont hurt and yes mine were well fcuked on the passenger side front outer edge, there are lots of roundabouts in swindon and me+mk2 172 +:devilish: = totally shot tyres particulary on the nsf. my first set only lasted 6,000 miles

I got these tyres second hand with the alloys - Ive done at least 5000 - 6000 I would think on them.. dunno how much they had done before.

Thanks 172loony!


This is dodgy ground - you can pass an MOT with over 1.6mm over three quarters of the tyre, as Girlracer said, BUT...

Plod can still do you, as Im pretty sure they will say that that tyres illegal. I think its the case that you can pass an MOT like that then drive out and get 3points, £2.5k fine (max) for the same tyre... Stupid, yes, but then when have the laws in this country ever done anything good??

Im running a risk as mine are, literally, slick on the inside edge from running so much camber. Its not so bad as you cant really see it from outside, but the above pic shows how obvious it is to plod walking round your car! Dangerous... :(

No probs, how long you get out of tyres depends how you drive how hard the compound of the rubber etc so 5000-6000 when they were already 2nd hand doesnt sound all that bad, plus fronts on front wheel drive cars dont last that long anyway as they are the wheels that drive and steer the car they take alot more abuse than the rears
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Daz mine is exactly like that, my drivers side isnt as bad, but the passenger side tyre is exactly like yours, im pretty sure my trackin isnt out but might get it checked

ive just ordered 2 new tyres to replace the fronts, rather be safe than sorry

DAz looking at the pic I would suggest some new tyres! They might be legal but not very good in the wet me thinks!But then I always did err on the cautious side.:)

that pic, admittedly isnt great. There is tread there.. its not totally bald..

You can see tread to where it should be - its just not as good as say on the other side or no where near as good as the backs!

Brun, nice to know Im not the only one! :)



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I was wondering if you could swap them around, but having just looked at the picture, I see that they are Toyos, so because they are directional, you can only swap back for front and not side to side.
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This may not be tracking Daz...might just be the tyres are under inflated. Normally you can tell if your tracking is out by finding a nice straight bit of road with as little camber as is possible and let go of the wheel doing around 60mph. If the car follows a fairly straight line then your tracking is ok. If it pulls to one side or the other your tracking is probably out. Only reason usually for the tracking to be out is if you have had the car lowered or you have hit a kerb.

If the tyre is under inflated check the inside of the tyre too. If this is worn away then pump up the pressure a little. If it wears in the centre then the tyre is over inflated. You know you have it spot on when the tyre wears fairly evenly.

Hope this helps and might save you some money on getting the tracking checked!