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UCH what does it control and what does it stand for?

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just after a little knowledge really,
i see the UCH threads come up all the time, from what i can gather it basically controlls the cars electrics, or is there more to it that that?
where in the car is it located etc, and can any measures be taken to prolong its life?
also what does it stand for? lol



North East
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Its in the passenger footwell i think.


The UCH (Unite Centrale Habitacle) is an electronic control module that is fitted to many late model Renaults (early 2000's onwards.) It is responsible for controlling many of the non-engine related functions of the car, such as central locking, electric windows, and even some of the lights (e.g. indicators.)

A brand new UCH is supplied with a blank memory. This must be coded (using the Renault Clip computer) to match the serial number of the ECU and key/card before it will work with the car. The memory can only be written once, so a used UCH cannot be taken from a donor vehicle to be used in another unless the ECU and keyfobs/cards are also transferred.
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