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ultimate shine!!!!!!!!


What would you say is the best polish/wax product to buy? i want to acheive the best shine and protection for my car..... Also is it true if you polish your car to much it damages your cars paintwork? heard that somwhere????
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hum... all that I know is the turtle wax products are good enough.

get away from the sun and do it with your car cooled down.

It is true if you polish your car too much you will damage your pait. Thats because most polishes contain micro-abrasives with strip off the top layer or clear-coat/paint to achieve the shiny-ness.

You shouldnt need to polish your car very often at all. Once you have polished it, you need to apply a good-quality wax.

however, if you WAX your car you shouldnt have too many problems.

i can personally recommend the Turtle Wax Emerald Wax (about £8.99) or the Zymol wax (£11.99). i top both of these with some autoglym extra gloss protection (£8.99) when im done waxing. All available at my large Halfords.
Am soon going to try Meguiars range as they seems to get real rave reviews.


GR - as i understand it.

a POLISH is used to actually make your paint/clear-coat shine, by using very very small abrasives in the polish to remove the old dead top coat, kind of like exfoliating your skin whihc makes your skin glow. With a good polish the micro-abrasives break down as they are "rubbed" into the paint which caused an even finer polishing action.

Once your car is gleaming a WAX (which shouldnt be abrasive at all) is used to put a protective coating over your newly-polished and shiny surface. Any surface contaminants which come into contact with your car actually make contact with your wax barrier. As the wax slowly wears off, through vehicle washing (especially with some shampoos which actually strip off the wax) and through exposure to the elements, you should wax your car again to continue to protect your surface.

Eventually, you will need to POLISH your car, but this shouldnt be done every time you wash your car, because, like ive said removes a very fine top layer of your paint, but a good quality wax, like your hubbys zymol is fine to use as often as you like.

An example of a polish is Autoglym Super resin Polish. If you were to use this on a red painted (not clear-coated) car for example, you would notice the applicator starts to turn red - this is the top surface of the paint coming off. this is what a polish is supposed to do. The autoglym also contains a wax additive too i believe which gives you your wax protection.

meguairs produce a 3-stage car cleaning/polishing/waxing system.

Stage 1 in a cleaner system (similar to a lot of normal polishes), which removes all of your surface contaminents and swirls marks - like a body scrub for your car.

Stage 2 is a pure polish (not a wax) that actually conditions and nourishes the paint, which gives you that lovely, deep wet shine.

Stage 3 is a carnuba wax which protects the finish you have just created.

Obviously, not everyone can/be bothered to spend a lot of time prepping their car, and so a "cleaner/wax" (like the autoglym polish) is ideal for them. BUT it will strip off your finish, which as we now, on renaults isnt very thick or hard as it is.

Anyway, GR, i thought you were the cliosport car-cleaning guru it worth checking out as they seem to offer a pretty comprehensive range of "proper" car cleaning stuff. pop and have a look.

Next weekend, the autoglym roadshow is coming to my local shopping mall, doing demonstrations for both days, so im gonna pop along and try to pick up some more tips.

See ya



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Face, thanks for your reply! Yes I am always cleaning my car as I cant stand it less than shiny, and I will remember your wax/polish explanation, which will help the other obsessives amonst us!

I was in the body shop next door to where I work and they use some real strong gear to clean the cars, the car is washed using a water down stuff called traffic film remover and its strong stuff, it went through my latex gloves faily quickly and burned my fingers a bit, but it really makes it clean, also they have got an acid the put on the wheels and that works amazingly well,

Can you bug this stuff? And would it be stupid to use it all the time?


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Lofty, it sounds as though they take drastic measures to tart up their cars just to make the sale. Sounds pretty much as though that strong stuff takes off a layer of metal, so that after a wee while the car will be much lighter.
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Faceman is correct in what he says. Ive said the same on this site in the past. Meguiars is good stuff I use the clear coat gold class wax, it doesnt strip the paint unlike autoglym. Polishing shouldnt be needed on new cars.


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Bradfordlad, I thought that when you got your car that you had paid about £250 for some Diamond Brite stuff, which is supposed to last for ages with no polishing! So what are you doing cleaning yours?

Hi all ,thought i would help you guys and gals out on your problem of creating the ultimate shine.As a car valeter for 17 years.And now running my own specialist valeting company,i can say that the best i have found for putting a deep shine on a car is to use the zymol range.Starting by using the zymol wash.Then go over the paint work with the zymol cleaner wax, this cleans the paint while also filling the fine scratches because of its large content of bees wax.This product has no cutting agents in it.Then go over the paint work with the HD cleaner which then prepares the surface for appplying the wax and also reoils the paint from where it has been dried out from uv rays.After doing all of the above you should have a very shiny car now to keep this shine sealed in and protected and to gain even more depth of shine you can apply the wax.Depending on your budget you can use the carbon wax as this is the base model or use the ital wax which i find gives a very good depth of shine nearly as good as the concours wax.Which is the only wax i will use on my clio 16valve in monaco blue which has done 100k miles and still looks like new.
The use of acids on the wheels will dry out the alloys.But if you give them the same treatment as you do to your paint work you will not need to use acid at all to remove the brake dust as the dust will simply wash off with water and a sponge.
The above procedure i use on Audi,Bentley,Ferrari,Porsche,RollsRoyce and even a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter as used on the Zymol.CO.UK WEB SITE.
Products like diamond brite ,platinum finish and dual brite all they do is seal your paint work over they do not improve the finish .
Any problems on cleaning cars please feel free to contact me at


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Martin, I would have to agree with you about the Zymol stuff as my hubby has alway used it on his Beemer, and that was long before Halfords started stocking the cheaper liquid stuff.
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Girlracer, LOL I still need to wash and clean it. I know what you mean about polishing it yes I have had diamond brite tretment on it from new. It does feel smooth after the conserver is added to the wash once a month too. I used the meguiars clear coat wax as it would not remove any coating of diamond brite as its not a polish like auto glym, its a wax. Just to see if I could see a difference. It felt good afterwards but looked no different to standard with diamond brite conserver. Thats why ive only used it once on my clio as Im more than happy with the shine on the car anyway I used the meguiars clear coat wax on other cars and am very impressed however :)

Can anyone help me? Ive got some very fine scratches on my bonnet (looks like someone rubbed it with a pan cleaner) how do I get rid of them?