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under warranty

Hi there, I have recently bought a 172 cup. I am looking to make a few upgrades but dont know how this will affect my warranty. Does anybody know how I can get round this. Initially I am looking to fit an induction kit.

Many thanks, James

Hi James,

If you bought your car from a UK dealer youll have to approach them and perhaps ask them to fit the induction kit for you. I know it sucks, but then again there can be no argument as to the workmanship of the installer. The law says they do have every right to invalidate your warranty as youve changed the vehicle from its original specification........

Good luck :)

I wont affect your whole warranty - Itll only affect a warranty claim related to the induction kit or a claim on a part that could be deemed faulty as a result of the induction kit being fitted.

SImple - keep the old one - if you get a problem - swap them back!
  Lionel Richie

Dont worry about it, me and Roamer both have exhausts, inductions kits (viper in Roamers case, the bugger!!!) Both cars have been lowered, mine has tinted windows, a PS2 and a TV screen, plus 17inch wheels and our Renault Garage dont care about the mods, we had the servicing guys asking to have a look under the bonnet of Roamers car, and they wanted a look at my TV!!!!!!

Hehe, yeah, were ok Fred, but I bet some dealerships can be gits about it (for no reason), in fact when we bowled up after the M40 incident they came out to see the damage and wanted to know what bhp it was now pushing LOL, one of them even runs a modded mk1 172.

Fred, I need to see your tint work and see what I could have on mine, also, have you got a mate down at Wheelmania? Wheels are on the cards in the new year ;)
  Lionel Richie

Cool ill give you a ring in a bit, i havent got a mate at wheel mania, but a mate has if you understand that????
  Lionel Richie

Erm, i met loads of people the day, i probably did chat to you (i had a wee hangover)!!!! Were you talking to me when i was by the BB tuning 172??? You were asking the BB guy about a colour coded engine cover????

i wouldnt worry about ur warrant by putin an induction kit on, all u have to do is take the induction kit off when ur car goes to the dealership, ur only messed up if u get in an accident really. but i wouldnt bother tellin your dealer, i mean are u gonna tell ur insurance company too?
  Lionel Richie

Other dan????? I was chatting to tom and the lad with the KITTED UP clio (sorry im crap at names) which a lot of people didnt like, but i reckon because its SO different from everything else there! I did like the car (thats after he gets round to putting the lexus lights on it!!!)