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unhappy days :( water pump, thermo


Last night i was parked up with the engine running and where the fan normally kicks in about 3/4 for some reason it didnt. I turned the engine off and the fan seemed to be working then so i turned it back on and the needle was right up again but still no fan!:confused: So i turned it off for a second time and as i got out the car loads off water run out from under the the engine!!

I got an humiliating tow home from the AA with me sitting in my car steering whilst everyone was looking!! The AA dude reckons it could be the water pump, i thought maybe the thermostat??

Anyway i phoned the garage today there gonna come and pick her up and tow her back to the garage, but they seem to reckon ive more than likely f**ked the engine because it got so hot all this pressure built up so it will be an expensive job the person who i spoke too( this was the secuetary who said all this) also said that the warrant Co im with(warrant holdings) wont pay out for it!!!!!!!??? whats the warranty for then?:mad: Although i havent started the car since the water came out i checked for that white sludge because i was also told the head could have warped/blown whatever?????....... Because the engine hasent been started would the white stuff of had a chance to form?:(:( My car has caused me nothing but problems and im all out of money because of all the other repairs i guess this car was just not ment to be.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Well if you want to sell it like it is give me a shout.">


wouldnt mind finding out whats wrong with it first mate, anyone got anything else to add? happened to anyone? maybe some reassurance would be nice??
  Skoda Fabia vRS

dont listen to the secretary, they rarely know anything but always love to speculate, i got my finger crossed for you mate
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Yes ok sorry, should have given some help!

You first of all should check all of the collant hoses for splits and cracks, particularly where they are held on by the clips. If the system has over pressurised, then its more than likely due to a leaking head gasket. So long as it hasnt got too hot, this will not have damaged the head.

It is possible that the water pump seal has ruptured, altho that is just as likely as a blown hose or thermostat housing.

You need to find out where the water came from, then investgiate why it came from there, was it due to wear and tear, or due to somthing more sinister like core plugs popping out or head gasket blowing.

Theyll need to pressure test the cooling system, and a block test which will tell them precisely the source and cause of the leak.

Let us know how it goes.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Should read what I write! Meant to say over pressurising is likely to be head gasket leaking or a blockage in the cooling system somewhere probably the rad....

Take heart mate - youre not alone with your Valvers problems!:D

I bought myself a shiney, uprated engined 16v last autumn and was over the moon. Id completely cleaned out my savings to buy it, but it was worth it for the induction roar alone. Sadly, there were dark clouds on the horizon...

On my way back to uni in January, the diffs and gbox went ape on me. The result was a fat £1000 bill, just when I didnt need it (after Christmas, start of new uni term). Within 6 weeks it also needed new discs and pads, shocks, top mounts, servcing and loads of niggly bits.:(

I got to the point where Id really become fed up - after only 3 months with the car! I very nearly sold it. But I decided to hang on to it. I basically stopped using it, saving the petrol money to strip and re-build it myself. Fortunately, as a student I dont need a car to use.

By that April, it was good enough to take to Donny. And thats when I started to enjoy it properly.(y)

I took it to Edinburgh with me over the summer, have been to Southend (from Scotland and Wales!) with it and to all the local meets.

I guess my advice would be to hang on to it. Youll never get the money back unless you keep it. Take it off the road if you can - use the bus/train/bike if you can, youll save loads in petrol alone.

And I bet that with a bit of toil, advice from here and a set of spanners, youll be able to do most of the diagnostics and repairs yourself.

Get to it!:D

Hello m8 sorry to hear about your problems with your 16v but I think I might have a solution to your problem.

Try to find out exactly where the water has been coming out from like philmitchell stated paying particular attention to the distributor side of the engine. Check the thermo housing ( the part whrere 3 sensors attact to) if it is not that it may be the hose pipe that is bolted to the side of the engine under the thermo housing ( u wont be able to see this unless you remove the air filter and battery)

If the problem is not to do with the above mentioned then I believe you might have to look at the water pump which I have heard is a nasty job to do.

Hope this helps


Ive had the car since march, ive only done 5000miles since then and i have had so many problems with it,

power steering pump, 2 bolts came loose and were rolling round in the roof lining (still havent put them back!), oil temp gauge, petrol gauge and sender unit, all my lights went out behind dash, wheel bearings, new exhaust, track rod balljiont thingy, 2 new coil springs ( garage put after market ones on and they look sh*te sit to high, clutch cable, dodgy rear caliper the list gos on!!!!!!!!! oh yeah some fool crashed into the front of my car, instead of wating for the insurance to sort things i had to replace the front bumper,grill etc. All this in this little time has completely skinted me out literatly! I can bairly afford the juice to run her...... winter is on the way what else is in store??????? I feel i have been really unlucky and sorry to go on but im feeling well low about it all.

My car has just been picked up by my garage i had a quick look underneath couldnt really see much but the water is coming from the right hand side out some little vent thing???