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Upgrading Ice

  Seat Leon FR Tdi

Can anyone give me some advice on upgrading my clio 182s current sound system as the factory set up sounds terrible. I just want some more punch to the bass and a bit of depth to the overall sound. Id prefer not to go with a sub in the boot as its small enough to start with. Id also like to try and keep the budget down as well. Any advice would be appreciated as Im a total novice to this.

change the head unit and front components, this will massively improve the quality, if after that it still needs more work, youll have to think about sub/amp combos
  Civic Type-R

I would recommend getting a good quality head unit and a decent set of components for the front.... You could get a decent set of coaxials in the rear too if you really wanted too aswell. Depends how much you have to spend tho?

Spend about £200 and youll be able to get new headunit and some fairly decent 13cm components up front and coaxials in the rear, if you want to fit bigger speakers, youll need to adapt the door interior bits