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Upgrading ram


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Silver Cup
My desktop pc is about 4 years old, only has 512mb ram. How hard is it to upgrade this? Any tips?
  2008 Albi 197
What operating system you got, XP?

Easy as buying a couple of 1GB sticks and putting them in, if you open the case of the PC you'll see where the RAM is and there should be a free slot next to it, if not more. Just pull the old one out and replace it or leave it in and just add one more stick.

Go to and use their scanner to find out what type you need.
  Evo 8 Jap Crap
Depends on what motherboard you have, what memory it supports and how many banks you have free.

Need details of your motherboard mate.

Or go here and it will do a test on your pc and tell you whats available

Just click "scan my system"