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Urgent help needed please...!!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

On my way home from work last night I noticed all my clocks in my 16V drop to 0, everything apart from speedomitor and engine temp. Not too much of a problem I thought until I went out in the car again tonight.

It seems as though the ignition mode doesnt work right! I can start the car but none of the dash lights work either and neither do my brake lights!! The stereo comes on so the normal accessory position seems to be ok!

Have to travel 30miles in the morning and without brake lights could be a problem. Anyone any ideas as to whats happened. I have a gut feeling it is related to my alarm as it has remote engine start and such which messes around with the ignition etc! (even though I hadnt used it at the time)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! Cheers!