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on my way out of the cinema car park tonight, stopped at a junction in car park to pull out and some dizzy women reversed into me. her rear screen was covered in ice and she obviously could not see me. after going pretty mad at her she claimed responsibility. got all her details. now what i need to know is

do i contact my car insurance?

will a claim effect MY no claims?

Will i have to pay my excess?

im gonna get a quote from renault 2moro and offer her to pay that or go through insurance but i dont want it to effect my premium or no claims discount as im pretty young.

he mopst annoying thing was that she thought it was just some clio! her and her mate were like, its a clio mate. she recommend any garage could knock the dent out.

Any help is much appreciated!

answers are as follows

Yes you contact your insurance (they will send out the forms to fill in, ie how it all happened)

No it wont effect you no claims (providing its her fault)

No you wont have to pay excess (providing its her fault)


if it aint your fault it wont affect u in anyway. but offer to her to pay out of insurance. she might go for it that way. if she aint got protected no cliams shell see u as being nice and be more helpful back

just rear arch, a slight dent, nothing major but on my literally dentless car it stands out a mile.

now for more questions. Bog is coming nowhere near my car, and on closer inspection it does not look like they will be able to knock dent out back to prior condition. how would the rear panel be changed? it looks like a MAJOR job? it was completely her fault, she didnt admit it but she jumped out of car saying sorry, it was blatently her fault and i have three witnesss.

Also, how much of a say do i have in what happens to my car? can i say, i dont want the dent filled and sprayed, i want a new panel? as this is likely to cost ££££s will the other insurance company not just say f**k off?
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Nah, no way. Other insurance company have to coff up mate, but i happen to have experience with this: My Dad reversed into my old Golf when coming out of the drive, and seriously dented the rear quater panel with the bumper of my step mums 4x4.:eek:

But our local semi-retierd bodyshop garage man sorted it out for £250, absoulutly perfect. :D Kept it for a week like but he doesnt get a lot of work and spent the time making mine smooth as a babys bum again. So id imagine yours will come back and a paint touch up should fix it.


i know they have to cough up but will they not be shocked to hear a small dent is costing them near enough a grand? just my guess for ripping out existing panel, spraying and fiting a new one? it looks like a massive job but i will not accept anything but the best. my car was like new before and i want it put back that way. i wash my car everyday to stop dirt and salt damaging the paint, use top quality oils and petrols, pay massive service bills, get it serviced every month etc. only for some idiot who couldnt wait for her de-mister to work to reverse into my car. sorry if i am going on about this but anyone who has seen the condition of my car will understand why i am a little upset!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Ok lets put this in perspective: Ur grandma could get run over by a bus tomorrow, dog could get eaten by a cat, car could be half-inched by some scrat with a bat! :)

I feel ur pain but itll be put back perfect without a new panel, i would have thought mate.

It is nice to see that someone is even more of a perfectionist than me, even though its too cold for me to wash my car more than once a week.

wel all seems to be coming together nicely anyway, she is a very co-operative lady and i should be getting a new panel! BTW it was a saxo that reversed into me:mad:


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if they turn around and say it can be pulled out say fine but it has to be up to your standards and has to be perfect and if any rust forms within a year you want it back to show car condition, say its a show car of mint quality which im guessing it is except for the dent, also a rear quarter pannel is like 300 quid which her insurance will pay or will have to and i cant see it being more than at the most 300 quid to respray so 600 quid all together.

your car is worth a hell of a lot more than 600 quid so they cant right it off.


Make sure you get a new panel. Even if they can pull it out it will still probably need a skim of filler as the metal will have streched and will never be 100% Make sure you have a good look at it when the works been done while its still at the shop and check for masking lines, etc. If youre not happy with make em do it again until you are. As it wasnt your fault you want your car returned to its existing condition.

Also Id go through the insurance and sod doing her a favour, she should have cleaned her windows!!! At least then youve got some comeback if the job isntup to scratch;)

Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 16 February 2003

if it aint your fault it wont affect u in anyway. but offer to her to pay out of insurance. she might go for it that way. if she aint got protected no cliams shell see u as being nice and be more helpful back

Sorry Ben but you are will affect you. Remember when you phone for a quote they ask have you had any claims REGARDLESS OF WHO WAS TO BLAME ?.

They will load your premium just for having a claim.....This I can guarantee !. Not you NCB that will stay but the fact that you made a claim will be held against you.

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Someone crashed into the side of one of my cars, I never went to my insurance just phoned his and they sorted it all out. Your NCB is not affected but your premium can go up as when you take out insurance they ask you to declare all accidents regardless of fault. Thats why i never went to my insurance company and just got the money off of his. I dont declare that accident.
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Aww, glad you are getting it sorted Mr Clean - should see you on Thursday! But take heed, least it was only a dent in a panel. Tricky (my other half) was in a nasty crash last night and wrote the Carlton off :( Hes okay but the car is a right mess
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bet your gutted mate if shed have said its just a clio to me i would have to be restrained from hitting her with the wheelbrace or summat

did you not say its a mint clio 16valve with 25k on the clock you stupid fukin blind dizzy impatient knobber

im annoyed an its not even my car i bet u was fuming
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I once had a clio 1.2 rl that some bird hit me in the rear passenger side panel, then drove off...

i was insured fully comp on that and the insurance paid out for a new panel, fitting and spraying - im sure it was more than a grand, but the panel on the standadrd clio goes from the rear light cluster, right the way round to the front wing and joins on the roof panel - big job -

and u need a flaired 16v /williams panel - took 2 weeks to do mine, and that was at some insurance approved body centre