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urgent help

im gonna b phoning the insurance companies tomorrow but im really eager to know whats gonna happen...

ive got about 2k-2.5k to spend on a car but dont want to spend sh*t loads on insurance. At the momemt ive been lookin at 1.3 pug rallyes (grp9) and got 1 quote 3party fire & theft... £903 liverpool victoria

whats the chances of me gettin insured on a clio16v cause id much prefer one to a rallye? and how much do u guys whore similar to me pay?

im 19 (20 in june), been drivin 2 yrs but only as a named driver, no points or anything, car will be garaged in a safe neighbourhood.

any ideas??

CHEERS :eek:)


Clio 16v will be big money to insure - Try looking on line at say direct lines website which has a quote function which will give you an idea of the cost of insurance with out buying it.

well 1st off you will struggle to find a decent valver inside your budget

insurance is also going to be a big problem, best thing to do is get a theoretical quote from one of the on-line companies, this will give you an idea of what youre likely to be paying

hmm.. tried a few online quotes but they all say i have to phone up (which ill b doing on the weekend)

was just hoping someone was in the similar situation to me so i could get an idea. mite try and get it insured on my mums name :eek:S

seen a few 16vs that look good on autotrader.. round the Lreg mark with 60kish miles for around 2k.

cheers for the help so far!

18yr years no claims, no convictions or points when i insured it, 1400 TPF&T - elephant. but was 19 in a month

but u would be better off trying to strech your budget and getting a newer one. I got 1995 M reg 16v on 79k for 2400(good deal!) and that was in october. I have already spent £1000 min on fixing it. I do drive it a bit hard but not all the time, still everything seems to be going wrong! u name it ive replaced it! last night gearbox started playing up, found out today i need new one! .............OuCh

when did clio 16vs finish? ill try and spend a bit more of that student loan on it (doh!) Workin in a bar loads to try and get extra funds..... what sorta money do u think i should b spendin? i was hopin 2.5 at the most :eek:S

ta again.

i think go out with £3000 and look in the region of £3500, try pull off a good deal! last was 1996 N reg. but they go for £4500. ull get an M on about 60-70k for about 3k if u look hard enough
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Yeah - tescos are suprisingly good i thought - or

get a quote, online, but ring em after and if you take it out the same day they knock you money off and have special deals....just a blag i think tho

got a primera si for sale 1.6 sport seats alloys, rockford fosgate rfx 9300 mp3 player, e/w. ffsr, s/h anf 55k miles on a 96 P want 2500 for it