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Urgent question!

Quick question!

Just trying to do an oil change on my car this morning. MK2 2001 1.5 dCi Clio. But - dont seem to have the right tool for draining the oil out.. seems like you need something hexagonal?

Anyone got any idea what tool you need (some kind of alankey maybe?), to open this, to drain the old oil out?

Thanks in advance.

Its such a pain in the ar$e when you want to get something done without actually taking it down to Renault themselves!

I went down earlier and ended up with an hexagonal 8mm square drive drain plug key.. needs to be square - will have to go and exchange it tomorrrow.

On my valver it is a torx which is like a hex but only allows you to tighten it up to a specific torque, stopping overtightening. Dont forget to renew the sump washer. I think it was 69p from HAlfords. Im sure you can get them to jack it up and check for you.:D
  mk2 172

clare, get a big lump of blu-tack and shove it in your sump to make a mould, keep this intact and take it to your local motorist discount place. they should have a accurate measuring device kicking about then theres no confusion.


Argh!! After exploring Halfords and other local motoring/car parts shops I cannot find the tool that I need for this!

I need a 8mm square drive drain plug key that will fit a 1/2"inch socket. The only ones I can find are the ones that fit into 3/8"inch sockets. Anyone got any ideas? Or one of these attachments for sale?