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v power in a 1.2?

  Renault Clio 1.2
never done it before, and never been sure enough to try it. worth it or does it just f**k up your engine? cponsidering im paying f**king sky high prices already for petrol paying for v power doesnt really bother me.


ClioSport Club Member
I run mine on it once every one or two months just to give it a clean out. It does feel a little more responsive and runs a bit smoother if you get me
  Renault Clio 1.2
oh don't get me wrong it would be a waste of money performance wise, but would help clean the s**t out of my engine and try something different.
  Renault Clio 1.2 16v
Big waste of time mate, tried two full tanks of the stuff in my 1.2 16v and there was no change in MPG, responsiveness or performance, save your money.
  clio dynamique 1.2 16V
It will in theory make a difference as the higher octaine value will increase the burning response. Although, I doubt you would see a performance difference but i do think it would run smoother!
  Megane Mk4
Doesn't make any difference at all in a 1.2, in fact.. I found when I put a full tank of V Power in mine it actually made it less economical to run. Less milage to a full tank .. Work that one out?! :S
  Mk3 Clio dynamique SX
V power is better than standard 95 ron. I use it as much as possible both in by clio and VTR. You can use sainsbury or tesco high oct. fuel too it doesnt need to be V-power or BP ultimate. If expense is an issue you can by some stuf from halfords that cleans deposites from your engine, however if you drive it hard every once in a while that will do the same thing.

you should always get more MPH with V power over 95 ron normal fuel.

To test how effective Vpower is over normal fuel you must do the same journey at the same speeds and at the same acceleration rates!! If Vpower comes up short of milage over normal ron fuel these factors are more than likly to have changed, remember milage doesnt take into account hills.... heavy feet.... or harsh braking....
  Mk3 Clio dynamique SX
^ ah boy. didnt know a vtr or clio dynamique was tuned to 97/8 ron.

What do you mean tuned on? Its not an flute or a piano LMBO!

All cars come with recomended fuel ron a VTR is 98ron - read the handbook citreon supply.

The clio is 95 or 97 ron.

Also to take into account is the air temp... as dense air means better performance... and more miles...
  Mk3 Clio dynamique SX
let me rephrase :)

It wont kill anyone, see for yourself it is better but you wont see any gains whatsoever from a 1.2 but its still better for some reason I dont know.

end of

If hey guy wantd out and out performance he wouldnt have brought a 1.2... ease up. As i said It wont kill anyone, see for yourself it is better but pricy 1.2 is not great to see gains but still better.

end of

oh 1.2 mk3 rec. 95ron or 98ron not 97 as i said before... my bad.

I digress - Citreon claim the saxo i best run on 98ron however "Total" the oil company they use to develop their cars only does up to 97ron fuel... hmm says alot doesnt it... lol

Im happy with my clio :)
  Never above 25mpg
Accidentally put some in my 1.4 once... I think it felt a little more responsive but town driving isn't really an excel to judge from.... so nope, no gains whatsoever!
  a turbo'd yellow car
well thats b****cks! there is a great differance! :S

i wouldn't put anything under 98ron in mine!

your a bloody wealthy guy then lol

:S i have a 182 cup it says 98ron on the fuel cap!

i would say 90% of sport owner would say the same!

you don't buy a quick car if you can't put the rite fuel in it!

for your 1.2 it would not be wurth it thoe! but once every couple of months might help the engine!

you don't buy a quick car if you can't put the fuel in it!
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It's not going to kill the engine putting standard fuel in a 1*2 or any other clio, and the extra 'performance increase' isn't worth the extra cost imo.
  PH1 172 Sport
Renault recommend 98ron for a reason. Although it will run on lower octane fuel its designed to use 98ron. I use it to keep the engine clean and do find I do slightly more mpg with it then standard octane. Plus its only 6-7p more a litre which in a 50 litre tank makes it a max of £3.50 more to fill up which is no biggy IMO as people wouldn't think twice about spending that on a sandwich etc
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
Gives better MPG
people say that it doesnt but thats because they think, more ron = more performance which results in more lead footed antics which leads to lower MPG.
Drive like your nan and you'll see more MPG, as for performance? not really worth it imo on a 1.2
  alien green rs133
ohh god just end this thread and bloodly try filling you 1.2 with v power and return with results, its only gonna cost you another "3.50"


imho stick whatever you want in your car it dont make no difference but some people are anal over 3ron :S