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V6 bumper kit

Where oh where is there any info, pics, pricing, information on these on the web ??? (or isnt there any??)

Ive seen the pics of the 172 with this rear kit on... so where do they come from (Elia / Prima i have heard mentioned but where do i find out more??)


ok... so price isnt too bad....

does that include the exhaust sytem though ????

and where in the UK can you get them ?

done deal!
ill even top up all liquids free for the trip home!!

oh, and the magic tree, dont forget the magic tree!!
  320d M Sport

What about the wheels? I mean, wouldnt you need a longer wheelbase or summat?

-(Prepares to get shot down badly...)


dont worry mate. is a V6 kit comprised of the V6 style front and rear bumpers, exhaust and spoiler...just scaled down for the 172.
no need ofr bigger wheels, spacers, longer wheelbase.


but where in THIS country could I get the kit ????

much though I would like another holiday this year, I kinda need somewhere UK based...
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

VR6man posted 05/08/2002 16:57 GMT Golf VR6 Highline

problem is.. it would be a long drive to Hong Kong ?? (HK ??)

BenR posted 05/08/2002 17:00 GMT 172, RT, XR2 w/N20

well, not too long, considering your not far away

VR6man posted 05/08/2002 17:12 GMT Golf VR6 Highline

the sea could cause problems though

petes posted 05/08/2002 17:15 GMT MK2 172

Nah, your warranty covers you for corrosion!

RAFLMAO You lot have lot the plot

haha, glad you enjoyed it CHB!

VR6: im afraid im in HK south east asia, about 9000miles away!

but hell, ill knock another bit off (not the car, the price) and ill even add a free set of light eyebrows.

or another magic tree, your choice.

id have to be careful or it might need servicing halfway through the journey

hmmm tempting (obviously, i need to actually buy the car first.....)

so basically, you cant get them from anywhere in this country ??? i.e the UK !!!! wont fit the mk2 and doesnt make the arches any larger. so, i think if you rip arches off another car then you could fit them in. only the rear bumper fit s the MK2, but the front will with a lot of persuasion!

VR6: which colour magic tree, i like yellow the best.....

BTW, email and ben from HK recommended them.


well i need the smell....

its not really a magic tree anymore without the smell..

just a Silver Tree...

cool, but less functional

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader

We will soon be importing the original (not a cheap copy) RS-R front and rear bumpers for the Clio. As Ben said the rear will fit the Mk 1 and Mk 2 but the front bumper will not go straight on the Mk2. The bumpers are expected to retail for £335+vat each and the stainless steel twin outlet back box will be £245+vat. We also now have our first set of 172 side skirts ready to fit to one our cars this week with pictures available form the beginning of next week. These are expected to be £199+vat for the pair.