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v6 web sites

  Mars Red Clio V6 255

hi as some of you know im thinking about getting the new clio v6, and just wondered if any of you guys know any web sites with discussion forums for the v6? this is a great site but not much about the v6, and would love to find out and chat with people about this car.

many thanks for any replies.

Hi kieron, the problem is there arent many V6s in circulation at the moment, consequently as i know of there are defonately no V6 forums.

You have to remember the car is fairly limited and the owner also has to be interested in the internet to go on a forum so the chances are therere wont be a owners forum just for clio V6s for a while yet i beleive.

However although there arent many V6 owners on this site, any questions or information you may require im more than certain someone will help you out!


  320d M Sport

Yeah as above really, not found any V6 sites myself. The Mk2 looks like its gonna be a right beauty as well!!
  Clio v6

Hi Kieron,

I had a V6 forum going for months but it was like a ghost town, so I didnt renew the subscriptiion to the providers for the webspace.

Theres a few V6 owners on here and a couple of them know whats what in the modding and perfrmance side of things. Andy from BBperformance Tuning is often on here and they are busy bees developing their V6 at the moment so hang in here.