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Valver Door Interior

Hello everybody!

Im currently in the process of changing over the interior door panels on my valver with the panels from my little RT as they looked like someone had stood on them and caved them in.

Anyway an easy job so I thought as I put the panels from the Valver into the RT. However when I come to do the Valver it seems the muppet who owned it before me had already changed the panels for some reason and had totally bodged it.

The screw which fastens the handle to the door frame goes into a thread which is held in place by a plastic bit. This is not there so when you screw through the handle you are screwing thin air.

Anyway my point is would I have to go to Renault to get this part or is it a universal part thats readily available? If so where would I go.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

might be able to use a spire nut ?

the bit is quite cheap from Renault mate but you might have to glue it in place