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Valver Values

Whats going on? Parker says that the Most expensive 95(N) valver in A1 condition should fetch something in the region of £3110. But all i can find is manky J platers with Starship milage for about the same price. Is the world going barmy or are all the price guides i look at way off the mark??

I found this out when looking for my valver. A couple of months ago a 96N is A1 condition was over £4500. Then when I checked a couple of weeks ago before buying mine it had dropped to about £3100 just for a good one. I think Parkers have just got it wrong! I got mine (95M w/48K) for only £3250 though.

I guess that its about being in the right place at the right time. I looked at a car on sunday that was in reasonable nick but had done almost 130K. It was a 95(M) up for £3,295 and he was not willing to budge on the price! Oh well, im off on holiday on Monday so i will start looking again when i come back!
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Log onto and register as a user, and then do a search. You will find a couple of gems there. I am in the trade so if you want me to vet some send me a private message, and I will pick some out for you to look at. Give me the price, preferred colour, mileage and any other info and I will see what I can do today.