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Vauxhall adverts

Some of their adverts do absolutely no favours for the companies image whatsoever. That new one for the Vectra really makes me cringe! Nearly as bad as the one with Griff Rhys Jones in Y- fronts.
  Williams 2, STi N12

And what the hell is that interactive driver thingy...a voice that screams at you when you are approaching a bend at more than 10mph??? Or does the car start falling to bits when you go over any pot holes?? It could be a great car but due to the dull image it has now nobody will want to find out!!

These ads are excellent, What r u guys on about!!!!

Well in comparison to there classic all time worse....

Anyone remember the Add of the VX220 and the Vectra GSI or something, sitting next to each other in a fast looking pose?

It had the stap line "The heart of the VX220, In the new Vectra"

OK so how is this supposed to make us buy the car?

Its actually advertising the fact that have taken the same engine from a light weight sports car and dumped into a tank trying to expect the same performance!

LMAO at Vauxhall

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yeah but he is a really good actor in films anyway, what the heck is he doing in an advert for a yank tank??

Ed Harris = Bling Bling!
Thankyou Vauxhall!

And WOW the Vectras indicators get louder the longer you leave them on!! ....Cos that wouldnt drive you insane in 5 minutes!!

How many crashes with Vectras are there gonna be cos their owners didnt indicate!!


  Shiny red R32

I thought that indicators cancel themselves once the steering has straightened up! I suppose the next thing will be that they will play a tune at the same time as getting louder.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Thay have Bog seats that play tunes when you sit on them. Maybe they could be modified for the Vectra ?

"Ever have any doubts?"

"Yeah, for a minute there I didnt think we make it out for lunch!"

Please?! What the fcuk?
  BMW 320d Sport

The dullness of the Vauxhall ads make the most boring souless cars on the road look even more tedious than they already are.


  Shiny red R32

The new one looks even worse than the first Vectra! The back is awful and I have always hated the silver -V- bit on the Vauxhall grille. We had a couple of V6 Calibras until they started putting that -V- thing on. Yuk!

Interactive driving system... isnt that called a steering wheel on other cars?
And if its a brand new car - completely new from the ground up - why call it a Vectra????
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Perhaps they are trying to say that the new one goes around corners when you turn the wheel. I had a couple of the old ones - they just carried on in a straight line if they were doing anything more than about 40..

I actually had to switch over the TV channel when those Griff Jones ads came on - disgusting, what on earth were (are) the Vauxhall PR dept on !!

Far better the Clio ads, sexy Nicole and later, ms va va voom! Fun ads! Think that the VW ones are too snobby though.