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Very hard to get body panels

  Clio mk2 ph1
Hi I am new here and have had a good read at some off your posts. And I am loving the Fourm.
is anyone else finding it harder to get body parts for there mk2 ph1clios. I have been looking for months for a Monaco blue front passenger wing and can’t find one anywhere. Any off you guys know the best place to look for one. Cheers


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
Put some wanted posts up on here (in the wanted section) also there’s plenty of Clio sport Facebook pages where people are breaking ph1s etc.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
432 Monaco Blue came on the Non RenaultSport Mk2 Ph1.

Oddysey blue came on the Ph1-172.