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Very intermittent starting Renault Clio mk2

  Renault Clio Alize
So I have a MK2 2003 Clio. For the last 6-9 months or so she has had a intermittent starting problem. Not every time and it could last for months without a problem. When she started doing it we would normally play around with the battery terminal or even the plug that goes to the started and she would fire up. This time though, I played around with the battery and my friend try to start her with his foot accidentally on the acceleration and no joy, before I touched anything else he realised what he did so you retried with his foot on the clutch and she started. It could be a coincidence or it could mean something.

I turned on all the lights, radio etc and tried to start her to see if they dipped due to a dead battery and nothing, they Alka stayed bright. She doesn't try to fire up, it's like it's a dead battery.

She has also died on me coming up to a roundabout too. Only once with no hesitation, just decided to cut out but started first time.

Battery is probably 3 yrs old, starter is around 18-20 months and no clue with alternator.

I could have them checked but unless she plays around they will say all is ok and I can never tell when she will mess around.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, any more info please ask!!

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Iv had issues with intermittent starting issues due to dodgy connector to the starter solenoid. Would be fine for weeks then other times wouldn't start at all unless I wiggled the wires to the starter. Changed connector and been fine since. May be worth checking especially if you have changed the starter recently