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vibe fli trap subwoofer

i bought one mate, not expecting much from it. the first one i got blew, but was faulty, then got it replaced and its worked fine so far.. give off alot more bass than i expected!! bargain in my opinion!!
  R35 GTR

tempted, but they are cheap. I spent £500 on my hifi sub, so I think Im gonna have to spend big money to get anywhere near the same bass.

A guy on ebay is selling two for £120. Just wondering if they accept high level input?

not sure i understand what you mean mate? they already have an amp build in, which is good enough i think. if you mean some input from the head unit, then im not sure, all i know is i run mine using a direct subwoofer output from my headunit... sorry doubt thats any help
  R35 GTR

The factory HU doesnt have sub outputs, so need to feed the subs off the rear speaker outputs. As there is more power through these than a line level, I need to have an amp capable of using this signal, Or there will be loads of noise, hissing/popping etc...

And it could blow the amps.