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VIN Number!

How about the odds on this then!

My registration docs say a differrent number to my (vin number). So I contact the DVLA and after an inspection they find this out.

1st: I do a HPi check and it says the car is fine but used to be a different colour. It definately isnt wasnt as the car has been checked by the AA, RAC, Department of Transport.

2nd: DVLA contact Renault and find this out: The car was registered correctly and nothing is wrong with it. Engine is correct, numbers are correct etc etc.

When the car was new renault put the wrong reg plate on the wrong car so somewhere ther is a person with exactly the same problem as i got.

The DVLA inspected the car with what was going to be my number plate and all is ok! PHEW i was worried at one point.

Whats the odds on thsi happening. I have the letters from the DVLA and they are sending me new docs and a covering letter etc.

So what do i do about the wrong info in the HPi site? I have all the aperwork to prove it and welcome any inspection.


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

just get in touch with the HPI peeps i suppose, the info must be covered under the data protection act somewhere so they have to change it if its wrong. My clio hasnt even got a bloody VIN plate, but the engine number, VIN no. and everything ties up.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Get in touch with HPI and send them copies all the information that you get from the dvla. The HPI mob will double check that the DVLA stuff is genuine and then they will update the details against the Registration number.

Simple job, just takes a little while for HPI bods to update their records.

They do input things wrong sometimes.