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Viper Induction Kit - results

Has anyone got any before & after power/torque figures for the PiperCross Viper kit for the Mk2 Clio 172?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Roamer is getting his fitted today. Hes done some before measurements with an AP22, so we should get the after figures soon. Hes getting a zorst at the same time but its the IK that will make the difference I believe. BenR got some great power increases with a Viper and a chip.

Thanks Mike! I know Arjun and Jamie got similar results with the HP kit and Jamie has a std exhaust whereas Arjun has a Powerflow system. Both have Nick Hills modded ECU I believe...

Just curious as to how the Viper performs against the HP kit, seeing as how the Viper is based on a sealed air box system whereas the HP kit is more of a shielded, open foam filter setup.

Yup, Im getting it fitted now (Just up in the Ferndown Library stealing some free internet time ;) )

I got some measurments last night, quite a large difference between some of them, but Ill go out again on the same roads tonight, and do the same runs and see what the differences are (apart from the sound of course ;))

Nice one Roamer! I noticed that Green Filters offer a similar setup to the Viper, called a Twister....not carbon mind, but only £80!

It might be worth you getting the car onto a rolling road as AKs car ran lean at the top end with the new NH might have the same problem with the Viper??

Any chance of posting a .wav of the sound of the Viper?!

Getting it in ready for York is it Roamer ?

What exactly are you getting done ? IK and Exhaust or your getting a chip done too ?

JJ - Ill get a .wav file up tonight if I have time, not gonna get it RRd yet, gonna see how it feels and what the AP22 results look like, then consider it.

DP - Yup, ready for York, although it looks like a VERY early start on sunday considering how drunk I was thinking of getting on saturday (Going up on friday night - cos I aint had a holiday this year yet :( ) Just getting the IK and zorst, then will consider chipping once I have some good stats on it, and find somewhere that can do the work properly for my setup (Not just an off-the-shelf superchip etc)

Be good to see it in York then mate ! See how much difference it makes on the strip, bet the sound will be awesome !

JJ - Yeah I have thought about the Unichip, but it needs splicing into the ecu wiring loom, and after that Renault will prob go ape at me, so really looking for someone that can blow a new chip with a custom mapping - bit like the work BenR did with SuperChips for the RS-R version.

Really? I never knew that about the Unichip - who told you that, may I ask?

Maybe itd be worth hassling Nick @ HillPower to build you a custom ECU, or speak to Superchips here? There must be someone in the UK with 172 mapping experience?? Either way, Ill ask a friend of mine, who is a demon with Ford EEC-IV maps (Ahmed Bayjoo).

  Renault Laguna Coupe

haha I can picture you sitting in that library waiting for your car John!! Youre right - Saturday night is gonna be extreme!

we got a 6bhp mid range oncrease from the viper alone, and with teh exhaust and chip (which took us about 3 weeks!) we got about 12bhp more than std.

you might get more, i dunno, ave air temps were about 37 deg HOT

and get NH to do the chip, ours is not appropriate for the UK climate, you will most probably run lean with our setup.
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why is it that no1 has used the Green Twister ?.....its a lot cheaper and very similar
  BMW 320d Sport

I cant think of Twister without thinking of either the classic party game, or those hideous dry chicken things at KFC. They just dont seem to have any kind of quality about them, but I may be wrong, Ive not seen one up close.
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I thought he was on about one of those ice cream lollies...with hundreds and thousands on the top..LOL!

Ha Ha ! They are Fab lollies with the hundreds amd thousands on, the twister lollies are green and white swirly lollies. Scared I actually know that !
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah I forgot abou those twister lollies, theyre well nice. So anyway, the filter in question is named after either a green and red lolly, a party game, a KFC chicken wrap or a crappy over-dramatic film. Not exactly hardore then.

Glad you posted the picture JJ, I had forgotten how cheap and tacky looking they are. The sort of thing youd pick up for £25 from a car spares shop.