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Virgin Media Renewal

  1.2 - All the power!
Ok, my 12 months with Virgin is up and im happy enough to stay for another 12 months, so how does this work, is it a bit like a mobile phone contract?
I call them up, threaten to move to Sky and let them offer me a better deal? Or do they work differently?
  Scirocco GT 2.0
Well worth a go! Especially with the current eco climate.

Just casually mention that you have seriously been looking into sky and see how it goes from there. Might throw in a V+ box or something, you never know.

See if they can give you a decent package with broadband, phone etc if required.

From my experience, VM are usually quite flexible.
  1.2 - All the power!
I already have TV and broadband with them but dont want the phone, i just gave them a call and mentioned that i was looking to move to Sky and he didnt seem to think there was much they could do, i dont know if he was just playing me like the phone companies do but im a little more wary about pushing the 'i want to cancel' line with this as id feel an idiot if they accepted me cancelling just for me to have to ring up a week later and ask them not to cancel my services haha

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
ditch VM and go with BE. they are a waste of time. wish i never renewed. customer service is w**k (and in india) and soon as you have signed up they dont give a fook about you.
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
I threatened to leave to go to BT, at first they wouldn't drop it. Arranged BT and then VM rang back saying they'd give us 10mb, free calls for £22/month down from£35 for 8mb and calls, all so long as we cancelled BT immediately (which we could have).

Didn't take them up as I was peeved off for other reasons. Wish I had though as we had no end of bother getting BT set up and installed. Plus, BT is slow and customer services a joke.