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VM 30mb

  Skoda Fabia vRS
you can now upgrade from 20mb to 30b for a one off fee of £30 which gets you a nice new router/home hub aswell

we have done it as my current Wifi router is goosed and that would cost £30+ to replace so its a no brainer
  Citroen DS3 DSport
Upgrading to this appealed to me until I was told that to do so would enter me into a new 12 month contract. For now I'll remain on 20mb.
  Evo 8 Jap Crap

Not bad for peak times (7pm)
Just spoke to a chap about this, he sad id get 17mb. But no one else would offer anything close to that.
Anyone know if that is true or is he just trying to make a sale?

I need phone and broadband, well dont want the phone but ill need it for the broadband. What VM are offering seems to be the one on the best for the price (£26.50). Its that or O2 as my mobile is with them. Think it works out an extra £6 a month to go with VM.
  Skoda Fabia vRS
with Sky or any of the other packages that use that network, the best i can get is 3.5mb which is piss poor, VM is the only choice really
  Polo + Micra
just upgraded mine for free :approve:

so much for the first guy saying it's going to cost an extra £7.50 p/m
  Audi S3 Sportback
Had VM 50Meg installed today, very happy with it so far.
Should get a 5meg upload in a few months too!
Get the below speed on wifi - very impressive I think!

  Polo + Micra
think they have moved the throttle to 10GB in the peak time and then you drop to 7.5mb on 30mb