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wanna read ALL posts......

Jas M8.. there is a lovely bug here.. I searched for BenR star to see any posts re the star rating from me m8... and low n behold.. 38200 in the thread, ooooooooops... must be admin n everything.. (GR - You wanted a peek lol)

Might be worth clamping down on...

(Captn takes Network Security Manager hat off lol )

anyone want a full dump - a tenner lol !!.:devilish:

(hee hee.. only kidding.. its a b**ch to search without the appropriate tools so no probs...)

Joe... bill in the post...


ClioSport Admin
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yeah but you cant read them, only see the topic name, thats ok.

Even if you could read them, theres nothing bad on there!!! honest!!